How To Order Chalk Paint When Painting Your Floors

How To Order When Painting Your Floors

Using premium chalk paint to paint your floors is a great way to refresh a room. However, as it is a big project there are a few extra steps to get you ready to complete your project.

In this blog post we will break down exactly how to order your paint with Dooney & Daughters so that you can start painting your floors as soon as possible!

How To Order Premium Chalk Paint when Painting Floors

Deciding On Your Colour

The first, and potentially, most important decision to make is choosing the colour to paint your floor.

If possible, come into our Auckland shop where we can guide you through the colour options. If you're unable to come in, call or email us and we can help you narrow down your decision based on the existing colours in your room.

Once you have narrowed down your options, we highly recommend buying the 120ml small project pots in your chosen colours and painting them on your floor. This will help you:

  1. Decide exactly which colour will work in your space as you can see it in different lights throughout the day and against the other colours in your room.
  2. Figure out how many coats you will need to do for full coverage. A darker colour may only need two coats, whereas a white may need three.

Calculating How Much Chalk Paint & Lacquer Is Needed

The Artisan Company premium chalk paint has fantastic coverage at 20 square metres per litre.

To calculate your square meterage, measure the length and width of your floors and then multiply together to get the square metres.

E.g. If your floor is 2m wide by 5m long, the calculation would be: 2 x 5 = 10. Your floors would be 10 square metres.

Keep in mind that you will need enough paint to do each coat, plus we recommend a little bit extra to be on the safe side.

E.g. If your floors are 10 square metres and you need to do three coats, you will be painting 30 square metres in total and will need two 1L tins of premium chalk paint.

The Artisan Company premium lacquer also has coverage of 20 square metres per litre. It comes in 500ml or 2L tins. For the lacquer you only need to do two coats.

From experience, we have used just over half as much lacquer to paint. For the above example of 10 metres squared floors, your would need a minimum of one litre of lacquer but we would recommend buying 1.5 litres to be on the safe side as there's always some wastage when painting.

A Real World Example

We understand that it can be difficult to calculate exactly how much premium chalk paint and lacquer you will need!

Below are the measurements for our workshop space and how much we used to help guide you. We painted three coats of Wild Tusk chalk paint and two coats of Matte Lacquer.

  • Room size: 3.32m x 4.11m = 13.65 square metres
  • Amount of Wild Tusk chalk paint used: just under 3 litres
  • Amount of Matte Lacquer used: approximately 1.2 litres
Before painting

Our workshop space empty and ready to be painted

How To Order

While we do carry large stocks of premium chalk paint and lacquer, we may not have everything you need at all times.

We recommend coming in, calling or emailing when you have calculated how much you need and we will either put it aside for you or will let you know if we need to do a special order. 

All paint is made in New Zealand, once it has arrived we can have it ready for you to pick up or can courier it to you at no extra cost.

Our finished floors
Our finished floors are now back in use

If you have any questions please get in contact, we would love to help you transform your space! We also have further guides and information as detailed below.

For further information on painting your floors:

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