Premium Chalk Paint FAQ's:

How many colours are there?

There are 67 colours of premium chalk paint and Velvet Luxe. We also have 7 metallic cremes and 8 metallic glazes.

What prep do you need to do when using premium chalk paint?

Premium chalk paint is very easy to use and requires little to no prep. Simply clean your piece and sand off anything that is flaking (e.g. old lacquer) and you're ready to start painting!

What surfaces does premium chalk paint adhere to?

Our premium chalk paint adheres to most surfaces! Including, wood, laminate, plastic, silver, leather, most fabrics (those without a thick pile), terracotta, glazed ceramics, floors, glass, mirrors and metal.

Can premium chalk paint go on outdoor furniture?

Yes it can. Seal with two coats of premium lacquer, or use Velvet Luxe Hybrid Chalk Paint which is designed to be used outside.

Is premium chalk paint safe for children's furniture?

Yes it is. Wait for your wax or lacquer to be fully cured if using on children's toys or cots, typically this is 14 days.

Is premium chalk paint food safe?

Yes it is. Wait for your wax or lacquer to be fully cured before using, this is typically 14 days. Please note that you cannot wash a waxed surface so we would recommend lacquering. Wash with a gentle soap and dry, do not put in the dishwasher.

Premium Lacquer and Wax FAQ's:

What is the difference between lacquer and wax?

Lacquer is hard wearing and water resistant. This makes it great for outside furniture and décor, bathroom furniture, floors and table tops.

Wax is a great way to achieve a decorative effect and gives a soft matte finish.

Can you lacquer over wax?

No you can't. However, you can wax over lacquer for a decorative finish.

Premium Metallic Cremes and Glazes FAQ's:

Can metallic cremes and glazes go outside?

Yes they can. We recommend sealing with a top coat of premium lacquer to ensure it will be fully water resistant.