Making A Glaze

Making A Glaze

In this blog post we'll talk about how to make a glaze using The Artisan Company Metallic Alchemy range.

What is a glaze?

Glazes are a semi translucent metallic finish that allow your base colour to come through. They are a good way to get a subtle metallic shimmer without being a full metallic paint colour.

 Making A Glaze Blog Post

Tools you need:

How to make a glaze:

A - Paint your piece in a base colour using premium chalk paint. We love using a colour that is tonally similar and have listed our favorite combinations below. You want to paint for full coverage.
B - Mix your Metallic Concentrate with your Illuminator. We recommend starting with a small amount of Metallic Concentrate as you want a light runny consistency. 
C - Paint your glaze on using a spalter brush for a flawless finish. Normally we apply one coat but you can apply more until you're happy with the finish.
D - That's it! You can add a top coat of satin or gloss lacquer if you want a more durable finish, e.g. if it's for outdoor use or a dining table top.

    Making a glaze instructions

    1: The tools you need.

    2: Decant some Illuminator.

    3: Add a small amount of your Metallic Concentrate.

    4: Mix well until fully combined.

    5: Our finished frames.

    Top tips:

    • Decant your Illuminator onto some baking paper before mixing in your Metallic Concentrate.
    • Make sure to clean the rim of your Illuminator pot with a damp rag before closing. The Illuminator is very strong and the lids can get stuck!
    • You can add more than one glaze if you want, play and layer as you like, or layer over a full metallic finish to create depth and movement.
    • Glazes are a great way to create shadow and depth in carved details, think of it like using dark or coloured waxes.

    Some colour combinations we love!

    - Luna Pearl glaze over Wild Honeycomb, Just A Hint, Alexis, Tahr, Moa, Toulouse and all of the mid-toned to light greys!

    - Kingfisher Secrets over Hokitika George, Cape Reinga, Sea Glass, Forget Me Not and Tropical Lagoon.

    - Oyster Cover over Moa, Calicut, Dor Greige, Just A Hint, Mali and Izabellar's Room.

    - Milan Moonshadow over Starling, Obsidian Blue, Tropical Lagoon, Royal Navy, Peacock and Gretels Forest.

    More information:

    See these blog posts and video tutorials for more information on using the Metallic Alchemy range.

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