How To Mix Metallic Alchemy

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In this short How To video we show you how to mix The Artisan Company Metallic Alchemy range to create your own metallic finish.

Using the Illuminator and Metallic Concentrates you can mix them to create a full bodied paint or a translucent glaze, the options are endless!

In this video we talk you through the Metallic Alchemy range, the tools that you need, how to mix your Illuminator and Concentrate and how to brush your metallic on with the Spalter brush.

Tools recommended in this video:

Tips for mixing your Metallic Alchemy:

  1. Mix on a flat surface so you can fully mix the illuminator and Metallic Concentrate together.
  2. Measure with the measuring spoons and keep a track of how much you have used in case you need to mix more.
  3. Wipe the rim of your Illuminator jar with a damp cloth to remove any spills.
  4. Add more Illuminator for a translucent glaze or more Metallic Concentrate for a full bodied paint metallic finish.
  5. If using outside add a topcoat of premium lacquer for added durability.
  6. Wash your Spalter brush with warm water and gentle soap, we love the French olive soap, to keep your bristles conditioned and soft.