Creating a Textured Wood Look with Stone Effects

Creating a Textured Wood Look with Stone Effects

In this blog post we'll talk you through the steps we took on a recent commission to create a textured wood look using Stone Effects and premium chalk paint.

In this step-by-step guide, we will break down the steps we took with accompanying photos. We hope this guide inspires you to try some different techniques using Stone Effects and premium chalk paint.

Creating a Textured Wood Look with Stone Effects

For this textured wood look we started with a base of Stone Effects paint to create texture. We then painted in Old Espresso and added a Carbon Black coloured wax. By brushing the wax on in one direction we were able to create highlights and shadows that show off the texture and create a wood grain effect.

Step One.

Paint the Stone Effects on (any colour works well, we used Elephant Dust in this example), using a flat brush on the legs and the spreading tools on the top. Once half dry, pull in one direction using the spreading tools to create a knotted wood look.

Leave to fully dry, we left ours overnight as it was a colder day. 

Note: you don't need full coverage as we will be painting over the top but if you don't get enough texture in the first coat you can do a second.

 Before and Inspiration Photos

Step Two.

Using the pro-hybrid round brush, paint in Old Espresso chalk paint for full coverage. We did one full coat and then a few touch ups.

Paint in all directions to fully cover your Stone Effects texture and then lightly brush off in one direction to mimic the wood effect that you have created.

 Step 1 and Step 2 Photos

Step Three.

Create a Carbon Black coloured wax in a 1:1 paint to wax ratio. For more information on how to make coloured waxes, see our full blog here.

 Step 3 and Step 4 Photos

Step Four.

Brush the Carbon Black wax on with the natural bristle brush, brushing in one direction to give variance to the colour. Wipe excess off with a lint-free rag in the same direction. Once fully waxed you are all finished!

 Textured Old Espresso Table

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