Using Luna Pearl Glaze Over Different Colours

Using Luna Pearl Glaze Over Different Colours

Luna Pearl is our favourite glaze to play with! Super versatile, it looks wonderful over a variety of colours, from pale blue, to yellow, to pink, to neutrals and greys.

Luna Pearl is a semi-translucent glaze that gives a pearlised finish that catches the light and turns a flat finish into something special. It looks wonderful used on both furniture and decor items, and can be paired with a range of other metallic colours depending on the base colour.

 Using Luna Pearl Glaze Over Different Colours

How To Use Luna Pearl

  1. Paint your base coast of premium chalk paint for full coverage. You can paint a smooth finish or create some texture, the Luna Pearl glaze will look great on both. We've listed some suggested base colours below.
  2. Mix your Luna Pearl glaze using the Luna Pearl Concentrate and Illuminator. You can play with the strengths but we tend to make it less strong when using over darker colours (e.g. over Toulouse blue), and it can be a bit stronger over light colours (e.g. over Sea Mist or a white).
  3. Brush on using your spalter brush. You can brush in one direction for a smooth, flawless finish, or brush in multiple directions to get plenty of movement.
  4. That's it! No need to add a top coat. However you could add some Metallic Glide for the extra bit of bling!

 Luna Pearl over Potters Clay

Luna Pearl glaze over Potters Clay with Forgotten Gold glide on the handle.

Our Base Colours For Luna Pearl:

 Luna Pearl glazed vases

Luna Pearl glaze has been used on these three vases. From the back: Wild Honeycomb yellow, Toulouse blue and Alexis pink, have been used as the base colours.

More information on using the Metallic Alchemy range:

Luna Pearl Shell Finish

Luna Pearl has been used to create a shell like finish with lots of texture underneath, on the front of this side table.

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