Painting Glass with Premium Chalk Paint

Painting Glass

We often get asked if you can paint glass with premium chalk paint, and the answer is: Yes!

You can definitely paint glass with premium chalk paint, in fact it's something we do often with our range of glass bottles that we apply transfers or decoupage to. 

In this blog post we'll give you some of our tips when painting glass and share some different examples.

 Painting Glass with Premium Chalk Paint

Chalk Painting With Premium Chalk Paint

The Artisan Company premium chalk paints are designed to paint onto most surfaces without needing much prep or priming, meaning that it adheres to glass without having to use a primer underneath.

Simply paint your coats on for full coverage, making sure to allow the first coat to dry well to give it a good chance to adhere. We recommend waiting twice your normal dry time (i.e. in summer waiting for 2 hours, instead of the standard 30-60 minutes).

Once you have achieved your coverage, seal with wax or lacquer depending on the finish you prefer.

 Painting our glass bottles

Painting our glass bottles.

Top Tips When Painting Glass:

  • Paint in one direction using a flat brush to get a smooth finish.
  • Lightly sand between coats if needed to remove texture.
  • You may need to paint extra coats if painting glass bottles as the light showing through can show up any patchy areas.
  • Seal with wax or lacquer when finished.

 Amber Euphoria China Cabinet

The inside back of this china cabinet was a mirror that has seen better days. We first painted it in premium white chalk paint and then decoupaged with a ReDesign paper.

What You Can Paint:

- Glass bottles. We love painting glass bottles which you can see here. The paint provides a great base for transfers or decoupage.

- Mirrors. Premium chalk paint adheres really well to mirrors. We've used it in the past to paint out the mirrored back of a china cabinet that we then decoupaged, this was much easier than removing the mirrored backing and refinishing the inside.

- Glass panels. This is another great way to update old china cabinets that have too many glass panels, simply paint out the side panels for an updated look.

The options are really endless but these are some of the ideas that we've done over the years. If you're ever unsure what you can or can't paint, please get in touch as we would love to help.

Painted glass bottle

We paint our glass bottles to give a nice base for our transfers or decoupage to stick to. We then seal with lacquer for a durable finish.

More information on using chalk paint:

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  • Watch our Chalk Paint Basics how to video tutorial for an introduction to using premium chalk paint.
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