Introducing Metallic Glazes

Introducing Metallic Glazes

In this tutorial we show you how to use two of the different metallic glazes by The Artisan Company.

What is a metallic glaze?

The metallic glazes are a translucent paint with metallic pigments, designed to enhance a colour or to provide a subtle metallic sheen.

How are they different to the metallic cremes?

The metallic cremes are a full coverage metallic paint, designed to give a solid gold, silver, copper etc. finish.

Whereas the glazes will reflect the colour underneath.

Introducing Metallic Glazes

Milan Moonshadow over Obsidian Blue:

The first chair is painted in Obsidian Blue, a wonderful deep and dark blue. Once we achieved full coverage, we then painted one coat of Milan Moonshadow, the emerald green glaze over the entire finish.

The finished result is a deep and moody finish, reflective of the sea as it changes in different lights.

Luna Lustre and Finley Gold over Parisian Grey:

Painted in Parisian Grey chalk paint for full coverage. We then painted in Luna Lustre metallic glaze all over. Once dry we painted Finley Gold on in sections and ragged it back.

This gave a subtle champagne gold finish, that really picks up and reflects light.

Tips & Tricks

  • Always use a premium chalk paint as the base for your metallic glaze. This acts as a primer and is also the base colour.
  • The metallic glazes do not need to be sealed. They have lacquer in them and are a full finish. However, you can wax over them to add detail, or you can seal with another layer of lacquer for an outdoor finish.
  • Make sure to use your spalter brush with all metallics. It's a dense and soft bristled brush that will help to brush the glazes or cremes right out.
  • You can layer as many metallic glazes as you wish, keep in mind that your first glaze will be the strongest and will be the main colour that you see.

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