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Copper Metallic Creme Desk Legs
Copper Metallic Creme Desk Legs
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Metallic Creme - Copper

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The Copper creme gives a beautiful classic copper finish that will suit most décor and furniture. It looks wonderful on its own or aged with dark wax or brown coloured waxes and is a great way to add a copper finish on furniture or mirrors.

Use Bruised Petal or Crushed Lavender as your premium chalk paint base.

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Our Metallic Cremes are loaded with pigments and have been designed to work in with the exact porosity levels of our Premium Chalk Paints to create a metallic finish with depth and life, allowing you to enhance and create something ordinary into extraordinary.

A little on the brush goes along way!  A 120ml will generally be enough for 2 bedsides or for an average size a set of drawers. For a flawless finish and for best results we recommend applying with our Spalter Brush  

Ensure you paint first in our Premium Chalk Paint in a base colour that will compliment your metallic finish. Then apply your Metallic Creme over the top, this will absorb into our Premium Chalk Paint and together will create a unique level of depth to your metallic finish on your projects. 

Click on our PDF below for our  recommended Premium Chalk Paint colours to pair with your Metallic Creme. 


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