How To Use Metallic Glides

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In this free How To video, we show you how to use metallic glides for detailing. 

Metallic glides are a wonderful finishing product that can really elevate your finish and pull everything together. Available in four different colours, Forgotten Gold, Vienna Champagne, Metro Silver and Bronzanite, a little goes a long way with these fabulous pots.

In this video we show you how to apply it two way. Firstly using your finger, and then using a small artist brush for a more solid finish.

Tools recommended in this video:

Tips for using metallic glides:

  1. Glides are always applied as a final step.
  2. If you get your metallic glide somewhere you don't want it, put a little bit of clear wax on a rag and buff it out.
  3. Wash your brush with warm water and a gentle soap, we recommend using olive soap.