Forgotten Gold Glide

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Forgotten Gold Glide is a true gold gilding wax. It works well with all finishes and is a great way to pull a project together.

Artisan Metallic Glides come in a petite 30ml Jar and have been designed, developed and manufactured in NZ to work in with the Artisan Paint system, a simple no fuss way to add a stunning metallic detail to your Artisan paint projects .

This is an indoor final finishing product that can be used over an Artisan Premium Chalk Paint & waxed finish as well as over Velvet Luxe.

Metallic glides are ideal for subtle metallic detailing and perfect for fine detailing. Simple and easy to use, they can be applied with a fine detailing brush, finger or natural bristle brush depending on the effect that you are after. Touch dry within approx. 20 mins, 24 hours to fully set, and 21 days to cure.

Common FAQ's

Can I use Metallic Glides outdoors?
No, Metallic Glides are designed to be a decorative detailing product for indoor projects only. For outdoor metallics, head over to view our Metallic Cremes and Glazes.

At what stage do I apply my Metallic Glide, before or after waxing?
Metallic Glides are the "final" finishing product, paint and wax your project until you are happy with it. Once you feel you're finished, the Metallic Glides will go on last, ensure the wax on your furniture is touch dry and apply Metallic Glide over your selected areas.

Is it really as simple as gliding it on?
Yes it is!

Can I use it over other waxes or brands of paint finishes?
Metallic Glides have been developed, tested and made to work in seamlessly with the Artisan Paint and Wax system as well as with Velvet Luxe. This would be a matter of "trial" but there is always a chance it may not work in the way that it's been intended or designed too and the experience may differ. You may achieve less lustre shine or depth. We always recommend where you can, to keep to the one system.

However, Artisan Metallic Glides will take directly on to natural porous surfaces such as pebbles, rocks, shells and most semi matt surfaces, if in doubt, apply Artisan Premium Chalk Paint on to your surface, wax, then apply your Metallic Glide.