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These cane chairs have been given a new lease of life with Starling Velvet Luxe Chalk Paint and an updated cushion fabric!

Starling is a very deep, almost black, green. A wonderful neutral with a little bit of edge.

The cushions have been covered with a monstera print, perfect for summer entertaining!


We lightly sanded the cane using 180 grit sandpaper to smooth the cane and remove any flaking topcoat.

We then painted two coats of Starling Velvet Luxe Chalk Paint using our small round Staalmeester brush so we could get into all of the nooks and crannies. Velvet Luxe is the perfect paint for cane furniture as it gives a nice smooth finish while being a hard-wearing paint.

Products used:

This was originally painted in Vintro paints but we have updated the colours below for The Artisan Company premium paint range.