Starling - Velvet Luxe

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Starling - Velvet Luxe

211. Starling: A bird introduced into New Zealand around 1860 -1880 and now abundant throughout the mainland. Inspired by it's richness and darkness in colour. At a distance, starlings look black. In summer there is an evident iridescent green in their feathers.

This creates the inspiration behind our Starling of a rich black green that veers closer to black in darker spaces and greener in brighter spaces. A great out of the box alternative to black that works beautifully around a green outlook or greenery.

  • New Zealand Made
  • Approximately 20 square metres coverage
  • Low in VOC
  • For extra durability (i.e. for floors) seal with Premium Lacquers

For further information see the Velvet Luxe Hybrid Chalk Paint Information Sheet.

Colour Inspiration:

  • Starling with Brass China Cabinet - This china cabinet came to us with missing glass panels and broken mirrors, but after being inspired by one of our customers to replace the missing glass with brass panel inserts, we were able to transform this broken china cabinet into something modern and contemporary. We transformed this piece with Chalk Paint and Clear Wax, but you can also get this finish using Starling Velvet Luxe.
  • Hackfall Cane Chair - These cane chairs have been given a new lease of life with Starling Velvet Luxe Chalk Paint and an updated cushion fabric!