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This old oak dresser had seen better days and so we decided to completely transform it using the David decoupage paper by Mint and Carbon Black chalk paint.

The old handles were broken so we replaced them and finished the whole piece with some dark wax for a wonderfully tactile finish.


After removing the handles and filling the holes, we painted the front of the dresser in Beluga (white) chalk paint as we wanted a light background for the decoupage paper to go on.

We then applied the David decoupage paper starting in the top left corner using matte lacquer and our flat brush. We used the standard technique as we wanted texture, and then sealed it with a top coat of lacquer. We then cut the drawers out with a craft knife, sanded off any excess and made sure all of the edges were fully stuck down.

We then used our round brush to apply a mix of Beluga (white) and Carbon Black chalk paint across the front of the dresser, mixing the colours and blending to create a full image across the whole front of the dresser.

The rest of the dresser we dry brushed in Carbon Black chalk paint, allowing the wood grain and some of the wood to come through. Once we were happy with the coverage, we sealed with Dark wax and applied the new knobs.

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