Applying Decoupage Papers With The Mint Felt Applicator

Applying Decoupage Papers With The Mint Felt Applicator

We've been stocking Mint by Michelle large format decoupage papers since 2020 and absolutely love them!

Using Mint Felt Applicators to Decoupage

While the papers have been improved over the years, we've stuck to our tried and true method of applying using gladwrap (clingfilm) to smooth out the bubbles and wrinkles. And because this has worked reasonably well we thought we didn't need to try the new Felt Applicators that have been created by Mint.

Boy were we wrong!

Mint Felt Applicator

These little tools have been game changing for us to get the smoothest finish we can. We've been using them on both the Mint by Michelle papers and with rice and fibre papers - pretty much any paper that's thicker than a napkin.

While we still get the odd wrinkle or bubble - this is decoupage after all! - we have found that we're able to push a lot more out, making the process both easier and faster.

Applying A Mint Decoupage Paper

If you love to decoupage but are sitting on the fence about purchasing your own Felt Applicator, we highly recommend them! And being reusable, we see it as a major win-win.

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