SOLD - Victorian Decoupaged Wine Table

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This wine table has now sold.

This replica wine table has been transformed using Carbon Black chalk paint and decoupage!

Using the Victorian napkins on the top to create our own design, we blended using Carbon Black chalk paint and used Dark wax to create age and patina. This wine table is now both a practical piece and a decorative piece of art.


We painted the table top in Crisp White to give a good base for our decoupage. We then used two Victorian napkins, tearing them to create our own design. We decoupage the napkins on using Matte lacquer, adding an extra top coat once they were dry.

We then painted the base in Carbon Black chalk paint using our round brush, bringing the Carbon Black into our design to create a cohesive finish using our small artist brush.

Once we were happy with the coverage we applied Dark wax with our natural bristle brush, wiping the excess off with a lint-free rag.

Products Used:

Measurements: approx. 525 high x 395 diameter

Please note all our pieces are second hand, hand painted items, so may have some wear and tear and imperfections.