Commission - Textured Old Espresso Table - Not For Sale

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This side table has been given a textured and warm update to match with our customers spare room furniture.

With a base of Stone Effects to create texture, we then finished with Old Espresso chalk paint and Carbon Black wax to give a wood like finish.


Painted in Stone Effects using a flat brush on the legs and the spreading tools on the top. Pulling in one direction when it was half dry to imitate wood grain. 

Once fully dry we then painted in Old Espresso chalk paint using our round brush. We painted for full coverage and followed the lines of the texture underneath.

We then made a Carbon Black wax in a 1:1 (chalk paint:clear wax) ratio. We brushed it on with our natural bristle brush in one direction and wiped the excess off with a lint-free rag in the same direction, allowing some areas to grab darker than others.

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