SOLD - Stormy Creek Whitewashed Tallboy

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This tallboy has now sold.

This tallboy has been given a contemporary makeover using Stormy Creek chalk paint, whitewash, lacquer and new knobs. Sealed with satin lacquer for durability and a light sheen.

While the tallboy had lovely details, it had severe water and oil damage and was missing its handles. Giving it a refresh has brought it up to date and we can now imagine it in many rooms, from a beach house to a nursery to a teenage boys room.


Painted in Stormy Creek with our round brush for subtle texture. We painted for full coverage.

We then used Beluga and watered it down by 40% to create our whitewash. We brushed it on with our flat brush in one direction, working in sections and wiping it back with a rag.

We then sealed all over with Satin lacquer, again using our flat brush. And lastly added new Oak Bowl knobs to give it a contemporary look.

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Please note all our pieces are second hand, hand painted items, so may have some wear and tear and imperfections.