Starter Kit

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Our Starter Kit is the perfect pack as it has all the tools you will need to get you started. This is a great kit as it gives you a solid basic toolkit to use for all your future projects. A great pack to get your toolkit started or to give as a gift.

In this pack you will receive:

  • 1 x 18 Pro-Hybrid Round Brush - perfect for easily going around curves, legs and details. This is our everyday brush and is a perfect brush for beginners.
  • 1 x Natural Bristle Brush - this versatile paintbrush works fantastically to apply The Artisan Company High Performing Waxes and also to provide a seamless decoratively textured finish.
  • 1 x can opener - Paint can openers are designed to not damage the rim of your lid when opening the can, this means that your lid will continue to fit properly which will stop your paint from drying out.
  • 1 x 500g bundle of lint-free rags - ideal for wiping off excess wax and buffing.
  • 1 x Marseille Olive Soap - to keep your brushes clean and conditioned.
  • 1m 240grit sandpaper.
  • 1 x super fine steel wool - Use to 'pull back' dark and coloured waxes to create highlights and to blend. 
  • 1 x Slica Lid & Rim Protector - Place the Slica on your tin, then paint, pour, and stir using the Slica lid and your paint tins will remain clean! Saves wastage of paint, and allows you to replace the lid securely again. 
  • 8 x coloured wax stirring sticks.

This pack is valued at $156.50 if items are bought individually.

Optional Additions:

  • Fully Synthetic Flat Brush (these come in a range of sizes) - high-quality synthetic flat brush designed for creating smooth flat finishes or for lacquering. Perfect for painting pots and planters and other outdoor deco.
  • For a smooth paint finish, add the Mini Roller Handle Pack
  • Angled Detail Brush - ideal for cutting in and getting into hard to reach places.
  • For our metallic cremes and glazes add the Spalter Brush
  • For fine art work or to apply metallic glides, add the Detail Artist Brush