Starling - Premium Chalk Paint

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Starling - Premium Chalk Paint

211. Starling: A bird introduced into New Zealand around 1860 -1880 and now abundant throughout the mainland. Inspired by it's richness and darkness in colour. At a distance, starlings look black. In summer there is an evident iridescent green in their feathers.

This creates the inspiration behind our Starling of a rich black green that veers closer to black in darker spaces and greener in brighter spaces. A great out of the box alternative to black that works beautifully around a green outlook or greenery.

  • New Zealand Made
  • Approximately 20 square metres coverage
  • Little to no prep required
  • Low in VOC

Seal with premium waxes or lacquers.

For further information see the Premium Chalk Paint Information Sheet.

Colour Inspiration:

  • Starling China Cabinet - painted in Starling Chalk Paint, sealed with clear wax and detailed with a touch of gold gilding wax. Starling pairs well with gold or brass.
  • Milan Moonshadow Metallic Drawers - painted in Starling Chalk Paint, sealed with Milan Moonshadow glaze (made from Milan Moonshadow Concentrate and Illuminator).