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This blanket box had sentimental value for our customer but it was old and didn't fit with her decor.

Using modern Scandi as our inspiration, we gave this blanket box an update with shades of white and grey.


We updated the old fabric top with a luxurious grey linen and an off-white and grey trim.

We then painted the outside of the blanket box in Crisp White chalk paint, our whitest white, with our Staalmeester pro-hybrid brush. We painted in all directions to achieve subtle texture. We did have a few bleed through spots which we noticed after the first coat of white. To stop these coming through we used Lacquer to cover them and then continued with Crisp White.

Once we achieved full coverage, we used Clubhouse Grey, a dark grey, to create a coloured wax. We brushed this all over with our natural bristle brush and wiped the excess off with a rag.

We then made a Crisp White wax and liberally brushed it on, once again wiping off the excess. We did two coats of the Crisp White wax as we wanted the grey to subtly come through. This added lots of depth and kept the character of the old blanket box while giving it a nice fresh, white look.

For the inside edges, we used Beluga Velvet Luxe. We used Beluga as it's the grey toned white so it matched in with the outside. We decided to use Velvet Luxe as we wanted a smooth, flat finish.

Products used:

This was originally painted in Vintro paints but we have updated the colours below
for The Artisan Company premium paint range.

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