Commission - Satin Beluga Round Table - Not For Sale

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For this commission we updated an old round display table using Beluga, a lovely white that has a slight hint of grey in it. We used Velvet Luxe to achieve a smooth finish and did a top coat of Satin lacquer for a lovely sheen that reflects the light.

This table works perfectly for our customer but had been well loved and used. By updating it with premium chalk paint, our customer can now enjoy it again for years to come.


Paint all over in Beluga Velvet Luxe, using the angled detail brush to cut in and then the roller to achieve a perfectly smooth finish.

We did experience quite bad bleed through on this piece. After the first coat we then sealed with two coats of lacquer before continuing to paint.

Once we had full coverage, we sealed with a top coat of satin lacquer. We tinted the lacquer with a half a teaspoon of our Beluga to keep it perfectly white.

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