Commission - Potters Clay & Luna Pearl Bedsides - Not For Sale

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For this commission our customer loved a previous transformation we had done and so we followed the same technique to give a modern, warm and sophisticated finish to these bedsides.

With Potters Clay as the base, we used Peal Luna as a soft glaze to give this pearlescent finish. 


Painted in Potters Clay premium chalk paint using our angled brush to cut in and the smooth roller for a super smooth finish. We painted two coats for full coverage.

We then sealed with Luna Pearl mixed with Illuminator to form a glaze. We brushed one coat on using our angled brush and Spalter brush for a flawless finish.

We then added a touch of Forgotten Gold glide to the handle.

Products Used:

Please note these bedsides are a commission and are not for sale. If you have a piece that you would like us to paint, please get in touch as we would love to help.