Commission - Pewter Dresser - Not For Sale

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This dresser belonged to our customers mother. Moving into a new home she wanted to give it a new lease of life and decided on doing a full metallic finish.

Painted in Clouded Pewter with a smooth finish, we love how sleek and contemporary this dresser now looks.


Painted in two coats of Clubhouse Grey using the angled detail brush to cut in and the smooth roller for a super smooth base layer.

Once fully dry, painted in Clouded Pewter for a strong and full coverage mix. Painted on using the spalter brush, we painted two full coats for a strong pewter finish.

We then hand brushed two coats of Satin lacquer onto the top to add extra durability and protection using our 1.5 inch flat brush.

We painted the handles the same way using the angled detail and small artist brushes.

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