Obsidian Blue - Velvet Luxe

Obsidian Blue - Velvet Luxe

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276. Obsidian Blue: Inspired by the darkness & richness of the obsidian rock injected with blue, creating a stunning blue black that can also appear as black blue depending on the space and lighting it goes into. Darker spaces will bring out the black whilst brighter spaces will bring out the blue.

  • New Zealand Made
  • Approximately 20 square metres coverage
  • Low in VOC
  • For extra durability (i.e. for floors) seal with Premium Lacquers

For further information see the Velvet Luxe Hybrid Chalk Paint Information Sheet.

Colour Inspiration:

  • Nightfall Deep Blue Dresser - This old dresser has been a modern and contemporary update with Obsidian Blue Velvet Luxe, a beautiful inky dark blue.

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