SOLD - Moody Florals II Hall Table

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We have completely transformed this 80s mahogany demi-lune hall table using the large Moody Florals II decoupage paper by Mint and Alexis premium chalk paint.

Lightly aging the decoupage paper and adding some dark wax to the Alexis has given it a soft finish.


We painted the top of the table where we would decoupage in Crisp White. This allows the colours of the decoupage paper to pop.

We then decoupaged the Moody Florals II A1 paper onto the top using Matte lacquer. Once dry we sanded off the extra paper and sealed with another coat of lacquer.

We then painted the rest of the table in Alexis chalk paint using our round brush for subtle texture. We painted two coats for full coverage.

We lightly dry brushed the decoupage paper with Alexis to knock back the colours of the paper to create some patina and texture. 

We sealed the legs all over with Clear wax and then added Dark wax over the decoupage paper and to areas on the legs to give some age and depth.

Finally we finished the handle with Vienna Champagne glide and added a touch of glide around the decoupage paper to blend it with the Alexis.

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