Moa - Velvet Luxe

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Moa - Velvet Luxe

115. Moa: The imagination runs wild with tales of old, all about the extinct Moa, the inspiration behind this earthy neutral.

Coming face to face with a young Moa, we imagine finding soft warm earthy hues in it's young feathers. It's a tale and our imagination of the extinct NZ bird that is the inspiration behind this stunning earthy neutral that we call Moa.

  • New Zealand Made
  • Approximately 20 square metres coverage
  • Low in VOC
  • For extra durability (i.e. for floors) seal with Premium Lacquers

For further information see the Velvet Luxe Hybrid Chalk Paint Information Sheet.

Colour Inspiration:

  • Moa Tallboy - this tallboy has been painted in Moa chalk paint using a roller for a smooth finish and has been sealed with clear wax.