Kingsley Hall Table - Not For Sale

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This hall table is no longer for sale.

We gave this old hall table a contemporary new finish using the limited edition colour Kingsley.

We rolled Velvet Luxe for a super smooth finish which adds to the contemporary feel of the piece. The deep moody blue/green tones of Kingsley are a great way to add colour into a room without it being too dominant.


We gave the hall table a quick scuff up sand using 180 grit sandpaper, this is to give the paint something to grip to. Once sanded we cleaned all of the dust off.

We then rolled for full coverage using the Two Fussy Blokes smooth rollers and using the Staalmeester angled detail brush to cut in. Velvet Luxe is an all-in-one paint with sealer built in, so no need to seal!

Products Used:

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Measurements approx: 830mm wide x 400mm deep x 670mm high.

Please note all our pieces are second hand, hand painted items, so may have some wear and tear and imperfections.