SOLD - Industrial Grey Stools

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These two farm style stools have been given an industrial edge using shades of grey and black chalk paint!

Using the same three colours, they showcase how using different techniques and layering colours in a different order can really change the look. This is a great way to use a small colour palette but to not be too matchy-matchy.


Small stool - painted in Clubhouse Grey chalk paint with a bit of texture, we used our Stallmeester pro-hybrid brush. We then added layers of coloured wax with our natural bristle brush, starting with Urban Loft, then Clubhouse Grey and then Carbon Black to darken the centre. Between each layer we gently wiped off excess wax with our lint-free rag.

Measurements of the small stool: 440mm x 225mm x height: 280mm

SOLD - Medium stool - painted in Urban Loft, we used our Staalmeester natural bristle brush to create plenty of texture, painting in all directions. We then added layers of coloured wax, starting with Clubhouse Grey, then Urban Loft and then Carbon Black. This time we used the Carbon Black to darken around the edges keeping the centre lighter. We wiped off excess wax between each layer.

Products used:

These were originally painted in Vintro chalk paint but we have colour matched so you can achieve these looks with The Artisan Company premium chalk paint.

Please note all our pieces are second hand, hand painted items, so may have some wear and tear and imperfections.