How To Use Lacquer

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In this short how-to video we show you how to use premium lacquer to seal your chalk paint pieces. We also talk about why you would use lacquer over wax and show you how to tint your lacquer.

Lacquer is great for those times when you want a more durable finish. Our premium lacquers are outdoor grade making them great for use on outdoor furniture, floors, bathroom furniture, dining table tops and anything that needs to be wiped down. 

With added UV protection and mould and mildew resistance, they come in three sheens, matte, satin and gloss, which makes them ideal for those who don't want the traditional matte finish when using wax.

Tools recommended in this video:

Tips for using lacquer:

  1. Hand brush for a thicker and more even coverage.
  2. Always apply two coats to capture any places you may have missed in your first coat.
  3. Tint your lacquer if using over very light or dark colours. This helps to keep the colour strong and true, hide any brush strokes or overbrushing, and prevent any cloudiness that can happen if the layer of lacquer is too thick.
  4. Wash your brush with warm water and gentle soap to stop it from feeling crunchy.

Tinting your lacquer:

While The Artisan Company premium lacquer is by far the easiest lacquer we've ever used, we still love to tint it as this gives us piece of mind when using it that we won't have any cloudiness or overbrushing marks.

Tinting is simple, simply decant some lacquer into a bowl or cup and mix in a small amount of your chalk paint colour. Make sure to mix it really well so it's fully blended and give it a stir every now and then when using.

We don't use measurements but it's approximately 1 teaspoon of chalk paint to 1 cup of lacquer.