How To Make A Coloured Wax

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In this short How To video we show you how to make a coloured wax. 

Coloured waxes are unique to The Artisan Company premium chalk paint range and are a great way to create depth, movement, shadows and highlights. Pull in colours from other pieces of furniture, soft furnishings, art and the outdoors in a subtle way.

In this video we show you how to make a coloured wax, how we have applied different coloured waxes to a small hall table and give our best tips for when you make your own.

Tools recommended in this video:

Tips for making a coloured wax:

  1. Not all chalk paint brands do this, we recommend using The Artisan Company premium chalk paint and clear wax to make your own coloured wax.
  2. Always mix on a flat surface so you don't get any marbling, we like to use a plate of baking paper.
  3. For your first coloured wax do a mix of 1 part paint to 1 part wax or use more wax. We want it to still be a wax so it can seal your premium chalk paint.
  4. You can do as many layers of coloured wax as you would like and subsequent layers can be a bit stronger (i.e. more paint than wax).
  5. You do not need to apply each layer of coloured wax to the whole piece. As long as there is wax sealing the premium chalk paint, you can then apply different coloured waxes to carved details, around edges etc.
  6. Brush on your coloured wax and wipe the excess off with a lint-free rag like normal.
  7. Wash up in warm water and a gentle soap, we like the olive soap.
  8. You can store any leftover wax in an air tight container or jar, if it starts to dry out add a touch more clear wax and mix to reactivate it.