How-To Create a Colour Wash

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In this free How To video we will show you how to create a colour wash using premium chalk paint.

Colour washes are a great way to bring colour in from soft furnishings, art or the outdoors. Washes create a softly layered finish and are a great alternative to using coloured waxes, especially when you want the durability of lacquer as a top coat.

Tools recommended in this video:

Tips for creating a colour wash:

  1. Water your premium chalk paint down by up to 50%. Play with how dark or light you want your colour wash to be.
  2. You can layer as many washes as you would like.
  3. You don't need to use your wash all over but can instead focus on carved details that you would like to highlight.
  4. Use a clean lint-free rag and keep moving to a clean section otherwise you won't be able to remove as much paint.