How To Blend With Stone Effects

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In this short how-to video tutorial we show you how to blend three different Stone Effects colours to create plenty of depth and texture.

Stone Effects is an amazing paint that gives a stone or concrete look on almost any surface. In this video we show you how to use it over a previously painted surface, but it can also be applied to a varnished surface, terracotta, ceramics, raw wood, metal and even plastic.

Using three different colours - Elephant Dust, Black Truffle and Rustic Rye - our spreading tools and a 1-inch Staalmeester flat brush, we blend the colours to create lots of depth and movement.

Tools recommended in this video:

Top tips when using Stone Effects:

  1. Use the spreading tools to create a troweled on stone effect, bending them to move the paint around.
  2. Use a small flat brush to get into hard to reach areas, i.e. around handles and hinges.
  3. Blend two to four colours together to create extra movement and depth. Use a light and a dark colour if only using two colours for contrast.
  4. Wash your brush in warm soapy water, we love using olive soap. Wash your spreading tools with water and a scrubbing brush.
  5. Have fun! Stone Effects is a very creative and forgiving paint and is a great paint to play with.