How To Apply Transfers To Our Journals

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In this short how-to video, we show you just how easy it is to customise our journals with transfers!

Our A4 unlined journals can be used for anything and have been designed with a plain cover so you can personalise it. In this video we show you how we use the ReDesign with Prima mini transfers to create a unique, one-off journal.

Ideas For Decorating Your Journal:

  • Use ReDesign with Prima mini transfers like we've done in this video
  • Use paint to create your own piece of art
  • Decoupage with napkins or rice papers to create something totally unique
  • Use stencils for a custom design
  • Go all out with mixed media, combing all of the above to create something totally unique and personal!

Ways To Use Your Journal:

The ways in which you can use our journals are truly endless! Unlined and made of recycled paper, they are ready to be filled with whatever you want. If you're stuck for inspiration, here are some of our fave ways to use them.

  1. As an art journal
  2. As a recipe book
  3. As a writing journal
  4. Use to map our your bucket list
  5. Keep an account of your holiday
  6. Compile images and text of ideas for your future home or renovation project
  7. Keep track of craft, knitting or sewing projects
  8. As a garden journal

Shop our journals here. We hope you enjoy using your journal and we would love to see how you use yours!