Commission - Hamptons Bedside Tables - Not For Sale

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For this commission we updated two bedsides that had been sitting in the sun and had gone yellow with the paint flaking off.

Our customer wanted a soft grey that was almost white. We chose Sea Mist and tinted it with Beluga and then added a light Beluga coloured wax over the top. They now feel fresh and new and have a lovely soft Hampton's feel.


We sanded off all of the old flaking paint giving a good base to paint over.

We decanted our Sea Mist into a bowl and added Beluga chalk paint until we were happy with the colour (a very, very pale grey). We painted for full coverage using our round brush, painting with subtle texture.

Once dry we sealed with a light Beluga coloured wax, mixing the clear wax and Beluga in a 2 wax:1 paint ratio. We brushed it on with our natural bristle brush and wiped the excess off with our lint-free rag.

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