French Navy Writing Desk - SOLD

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This desk has been sold.

We love repainting old, tired writing desks and this is another one that we have completed.

Painted in Royal Navy, it has a dark and moody exterior with a bright white interior, perfect for writing on.


The interior was painted using Beluga Velvet Luxe Chalk Paint. The Velvet Luxe range is exterior grade and hard-wearing, perfect for the inside of the desk. We did have a bit of bleed-through from a few ink spots so we used Lacquer to spot these between coats.

To add more detail to the front of the desk, we applied two Efex mouldings. We used R77 a large rosette and SC7 a pair of scrolls, that perfectly complimented our original handles. To apply the mouldings, once positioned, outline with pencil and then use ADOS F2 contact adhesive to brush within your pencil outline and on the edges of the mouldings. Once almost dry (following instructions), carefully place the mouldings within the penciled outline and gently press down all edges.

For the exterior, we painted the entire desk in Royal Navy, including the handles. We used our Staalmeester brush and painted in large X's to achieve subtle textureand painted for full coverage.

Once the chalk paint was dry, we dry-brushed the Classic Gold metallic creme onto the mouldings and handles to add highlights. Using a small artists brush we lightly dipped it in the paint, dabbed off the excess and then gently brushed it on. This is perfect for when you want a naturally worn metallic look.

We then sparingly applied Dark Wax with our natural bristle brush, focusing on the mouldings, handles and edges and lightly pulling the wax into the centre. We then went straight over with our Clear Wax to blend the Dark Wax, using our rags to wipe off any excess. Using both waxes added depth to the paint finish.

Products used:

This was originally painted in Vintro paints but we have updated the colours below
for The Artisan Company premium paint range.