Commission - Faux Wood Side Tables - Not For Sale

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These side tables are used by our customer as bedsides. While they're the perfect size, she wanted to update them with a bespoke paint finish.

She decided on a faux wood effect on the tops which gives a a lovely sense of movement and softness, with the contrast of Carbon Black on the base. Using premium chalk paint meant that we were able to paint the metal base of the side tables without having to use a primer first.


Base: Painted in Carbon Black using the angled brush, we painted two coats and then sealed all over with Dark wax.

Top: Painted in Tahr using our natural bristle brush. We loaded our brush up with paint and overbrushed to create texture. Once we were happy with the texture we then brushed in one direction to create the look of wood grain.

Once dry we sealed all over with Dark wax, wiping the excess off with our lint-free rag. We then applied layers of Potters Clay coloured wax, Crisp White coloured wax and Tahr coloured wax, each time brushing on and wiping off in one direction to create depth and movement.

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