Commission - Clubhouse Grey with Black Wax Footstool - Not For Sale

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Our customer wanted the base of her footstool updated to better reflect the fabulous fabric she had reupholstered it with.

The dark brown wood was distracting so we went with Clubhouse Grey for the base with a Carbon Black wax over the top to bring out the carved details.

This is a special footstool with such an interesting shape! We love how the paint has grounded the footstool and has brought out the colours in the fabric - a simple, yet very effective update!


Painted in Clubhouse Grey chalk paint using the angled detail brush. We painted two coats for full coverage.

Sealed with Carbon Black wax made in a 1:1 ration with Carbon Black chalk paint and clear wax. This was applied with the large dabbing brush (the perfect size to get into all of the carved details). Excess wax was wiped back with a clean lint-free rag, allowing the wax to sit in the carved details to create depth and shadows.

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