SOLD - Champagne Waltz Farmhouse Chair

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This chair has been sold.

This large, farmhouse style chair has been given a new lease of life. Painted in Beluga chalk paint and lightly distressed, it will now fit in both a modern or farmhouse-style decor.

Painting chairs is a great and easy way to update your decor and add personality to a room. We've painted this chair in an off-white but you can easily use the same techniques with any colour of your choice!


We painted two coats of Beluga chalk paint. We made sure that there was full coverage on the seat of the chair but didn't mind if coverage wasn't perfect on areas where we were going to sand.

Using 240 grit sandpaper we gently distressed the chair, paying attention to areas that would naturally wear - e.g. the edges of the seat. We also sanded the chair base so it was nice and smooth. A key tip when distressing is to keep taking a step back to check that you have sanded evenly across your piece, you don't want to distress one side more than another and it's always easier to do more sanding than to repaint!

Once we were happy with the distressing we sealed with Clear Wax using our natural bristle brush and a lint-free rag.

Products used:

This was originally painted in Vintro paints but we have updated the colours below
for The Artisan Company premium paint range.