Commission - Beluga & Rivers Peak Entertainment Unit & Bookcase - Not For Sale

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Our customers loved the size and shape of their furniture but it was too overwhelming, dark and of mismatched woods for their home.

Instead of buying new pieces, they decided to lighten and brighten them using a combination of Beluga and Rivers Peak. We went with a smooth finish to suit their home and Matte lacquer to provide a strong and wipeable finish.

The transformation was huge and both the bookcase and entertainment unit no longer dominate the space they are in.


These pieces were both well cared for and had been oiled and polished over the years. Because of this there was a high chance of bleed through, so we painted a coat of Matte lacquer over entirety of both pieces to seal in any oils. After the first coat we noticed a couple of small spots of bleed through and did spot sealers on those.

Next we painted the inside of the bookcase and the entertainment unit in Beluga chalk paint. We used a roller for a smooth finish and cut in with a combination of the 1-inch flat brush and the angled detail brush. We did a few coats for full coverage.

We then painted the outside of both pieces in Rivers Peak chalk paint, making sure to tape off the Beluga to keep crisp lines. Again we used a combination of the roller and the angled detail brush to cut in. We painted for full coverage.

Once finished, we completed any touch ups that needed doing and then painted two coats of Matte lacquer over both the Beluga and Rivers Peak. We prefer to hand paint the lacquer as it gives thicker and more even coverage than the roller. We used a 2-inch flat brush and the angled detail brush.

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These pieces were completed as a commission for our clients, if you would like us to hand paint your furniture, please contact us at: