Commission - Aged Silver Mirror - Not For Sale

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Our client wanted a mirror for a market display and while the shape and size were perfect, it had been painted in a blotchy high-gloss red, which wasn't ideal!

We decided that an aged silver finish would work perfectly for her stall, adding a bit of glamour while complimenting her business colours. The metallics look great on mirrors and we love how this one turned out.


Without sanding or priming, we painted the entire frame in Carbon Black chalk paint using our Staalmeester pro-hybrid brush. This provided a good base for the silver to adhere to.

We then used a mix of Silver and Pewter Metallic Cremes and painted this on in all directions with our Spalter brush. We wanted to add texture and not have any linear lines so we made sure to paint in large crosses. We did one full coat and then did a few touch ups where we wanted more coverage and depth.

The metallic paint doesn't need to be sealed, however, we wanted to add age and depth. We created a coloured wax using Metallic Silver, Clubhouse Grey and Carbon Black. We then brushed this all over with our natural bristle brush and wiped the excess off with a lint-free rag. We made sure to concentrate the wax in the natural grooves and bevels to mimic natural aging.

Products used:

This was originally painted in Vintro paints but we have updated the colours below
for The Artisan Company premium paint range.

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