SOLD - Aged Gold Mirror with Efex Mouldings

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This plain mirror has been given a complete overhaul using Efex mouldings and Artisan gilding wax.

We have added a combination of Efex latex trim mouldings to the frame and an Ultralight to the top. We have then painted in Sangria chalk paint, a rich, raspberry red. By brushing the gold gilding wax over and allowing peeks of red to come through, we have a created an aged gilded effect.


We glued both the latex trims and the ultralight on using Ados F2 glue.

We then painted the entire piece in Sangria for full coverage. 

We then used our detail brush to brush the gold gilding wax on, allowing peeks of the red to come through. We also used a touch of dark wax to add depth and age, wiping the excess off with a clean rag.

Products used:

This was originally painted in Vintro paints but we have updated the colours below for The Artisan Company premium paint range.