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We wanted to give this dresser a fresh new look with super smooth finish, so we used The Artisan Company Agave Velvet Luxe with the Two Fussy Blokes Smooth roller to achieve this fresh smooth finish. 


Using the angled detail brush to cut in first, we then rolled in Agave Velvet Luxe using a smooth roller. We did two full coats for coverage. 

For the handles, we first painted in Agave Velvet Luxe, and then added Vienna Champagne glide once dry, using the detail artist brush to get into all the details of the handle.

Lastly, as this was a second hand piece, we used Clear wax along the edges of the drawers to help the drawers run more smoothly. We applied the Clear wax using our natural bristle brush and wiping the excess off with a lint-free rag.

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