Sleek & Contemporary Metallic

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A great paint recipe for those who are looking for a contemporary metallic finish.

Use Carbon Black as your base and accentuate with the stunning reflectiveness of Pewter metallic creme.

What you will need:

1 - Paint the Carbon Black chalk paint using the round synthetic brush in large crosses to create subtle texture, making sure to lightly feather off as you go. Lightly sand out any excess texture.

2 - Use Clear wax and the natural bristle brush to wax the sections that will stay black, wiping off any excess with a clean rag.

Make sure to not add wax where the Pewter metallic creme will go.

3 - Use the Spalter brush to apply the Pewter metallic creme to the sections that haven't been waxed. Apply with a generous amount on the brush and feather off to reduce brush marks. Apply one or two coats for your preference.

Note: For a contemporary look apply the Pewter around the drawers, down the legs, on the handles etc, like in the photo. Or, you could do it the opposite way, painting the drawer fronts Pewter and leaving the rest Carbon Black.

4 - Optional: Detail the edges with Silver gilding wax, using either a finger or a detail brush.