SOLD - Perfectly Pink Chair

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This chair has been sold.

This old chair has been given a perfectly pretty makeover in pink and gold!

Made of solid wood, it needed a lot of glueing and clamping to bring it back to its useable self. We then added a large moulding, painted it in Bruised Petal, a wonderfully dusky pink, and added some gold to add some glam. We think it came up fantastically!


After fixing the legs we added the large scroll pediment, P6N, to the top of the chair using Ados F2 contact adhesive. To attach the moulding, work out where it will be placed and then draw an outline with a pencil. Using your contact adhesive, paint the glue onto the chair and the moulding, following the instructions, wait for the glue to partially dry and then stick the moulding to the chair. Once placed, gently press around the moulding to make sure that all edges have adhered.

Wait for at least 15 minutes for the glue to have dried and then you can start painting. We used our Staalmeester pro-hybrid brush and painted two coats of Bruised Petal chalk paint over the entire chair, including the moulding.

Once fully dry we lightly brushed Classic Gold metallic creme over the moulding to show off the details.

We then sealed the entire chair in Clear Wax using our natural bristle brush, wiping off any excess with our lint-free rag. We wanted to add a bit more depth so lightly used Dark Wax and again wiping off any excess.

Products used:

This was originally painted in Vintro paints but we have updated the colours below
for The Artisan Company premium paint range.