Refreshing Our Auckland Shop

Refreshing Our Auckland Shop

We've been in our Remuera shop for four years now so thought it was time to give it a refresh!

Using The Artisan Company premium paint products, we repainted the walls and floors in three of our four rooms. It was a big job, that we managed to time in with the hottest weeks of the year (!!), but it was more than worth it, with a fresh new look - the perfect way to kickstart 2024!

 Refreshing Our Auckland Shop

Our shop is separated into four different rooms that run in an L-shape. One room has carpet and we'd updated the walls in that room using Obsidian Blue Matte Estate and Velvet Luxe in 2023. We loved the finish and knew we needed to do something similar in our other three rooms.

In this blog post we'll break down exactly what we did in each room, how we did it and the tools and products we used. Paint is such a wonderful way to transform a space, and we hope this inspires you to give it a go yourself!

Room One:

This is the first room you enter when you come into Dooney & Daughters. In this room we have our paint bar, where you can see us creating, and we have all of our ranges of hand decoupaged and transferred gift items, from pots, to bottles, to trays and more.

This room is always filled with colour so we wanted it to be an inviting space that draws you in our front door. We also didn't want our wall or floor colours to detract from our colourful decor items.

The walls in this room all have different finishes, with a mix of concrete, painted plasterboard and ply. Because of this we decided to use Stone Effects in Rustic Rye to give a subtle textured finish to bring everything together.

Rustic Rye is a wonderful light neutral that is nice and warm, creating an inviting space to come into.

We've paired it with Potters Clay chalk paint with Matte lacquer on the floors. This is another great warm neutral that is still light and fresh. We also didn't want this room to have white floors as this is where our front door is and is therefore the most likely place to get dirty.

How We Painted The Walls:

Stone Effects is one of the easiest paints to use so we were very excited to paint the walls in it!

After quickly cleaning the walls, taping the floors and putting drops cloths down, we brushed the paint on with a large 4-inch flat brush, brushing in all directions to create plenty of texture. We used a small 1-inch flat brush to cut in around the ceiling and floors. We only painted one coat and love the subtle textured effect we got.

We have large ceilings and used two and a half large tins of Rustic Rye - approx. 10 litres to get the texture and coverage that we wanted.

Products Used:

How We Painted The Floors:

The floors in this room are a laminate that we had painted when we first moved into our Remuera shop four years ago.

They'd held up amazingly well but we wanted to update and lighten them.

After a good sweep and vacuum, we cleaned the floors using sugar soap to remove as much dirt, grime and old paint spots as possible. Once dry we taped the walls with painters tape.

We hand painted two coats of Potters Clay chalk paint using a 3-inch flat brush and an angled brush to cut in with.

We have one large step that goes into our next room that we wanted to highlight with contrasting stencilling. Using a mix of a large old stencil and painters tape, we made our design. We then used alternating Obsidian Blue (the wall colour of the room the step leads to) and Beluga to create contrast against the Potters Clay.

To stencil we used a large dabbing brush and applied one coat for a strong but distressed finish.

Once everything our chalk paint and stencilling was fully dry, we applied two coats of matte lacquer using the same 3-inch and angled detail brushes.

We did this on a Saturday to allow a couple of days for the floors to cure before putting our display tables back in the room.

For this room we used two and a half litres of Potters Clay chalk paint and just over one litre of Matte lacquer

Products Used:

Painting In Room One

Painting the walls and floors in our first room.

Room Two:

This is our 'Paint Room' where we have our premium paint range displayed and a selection of decor transfers. We wanted this room to reflect our love of colour and to be a statement the draws your eye through the shop. 

We chose Green House, a beautiful avocado green with yellow undertones. Fresh and bright, without being overpowering, it's a wonderfully happy colour that everything pops against. We used The Artisan Company Matte Estate wall paint for a mulit-pigmented matte finish. This is made to order and is available in all 67 colours.

We then updated the floors in Wild Tusk chalk paint which flow in from our workshop space. These floors hadn't been painted before and were covered in old paint as they are about 100 years old! The Wild Tusk is a warm white that lightened the room up and gives a great, crisp contrast to the Green House on the walls.

How We Painted The Walls:

After removing everything that was on the walls, we filled the holes with the Two Fussy Blokes Fussy Filla. This was our first time using it on walls and we were really impressed with how easy it was to apply, how fast it dried and the finish it gave! We sanded the filler once dry to smooth it out.

We dusted the walls and cleaned off any blue tack residue. We then taped the floors, ceiling and window trim and were ready to paint.

Using an angled cutting in brush, we cut in around the walls and then rolled using the large roller and tray. We painted two full coats to achieve full coverage over the previous light grey of the walls. 

We had a four litre can of Green House Matte Estate and did not use the full amount.

Products Used:

How We Painted The Floors:

The floors in this room had not been painted before but were covered in old paint splashes and dark marks from carpet glue.

We gave the floors a good clean and then taped our freshly painted walls using painters tape.

We hand brushed three coats of Wild Tusk using our angled detail brush to cut in and a three inch flat brush to paint. As these floors had dark patches they required an extra coat to get perfect coverage.

Once fully dry, we hand brushed two coats of matte lacquer for a durable finish. We used the same angled detail brush and three inch flat brush for the lacquer.

We used two litres of Wild Tusk Chalk Paint and one litre of Matte Lacquer.

Products Used:

Painting Room Two

Painting the walls and floors of room two.

Room Three:

This is our workshop space and a real workhorse of a room here at Dooney & Daughters. We're constantly rearranging the space for workshops, to paint commissions and pieces for the shop, and to do our daily work from.

This room gets wonderful light from some corner windows that also let the breeze in during summer.

Because this room is used for so many things we wanted to keep it light and bright and decided to paint the whole space, walls and floors, in Wild Tusk.

Wild Tusk is a wonderful off-white. It has warm undertones which means that the room doesn't feel cold or stark. We also find that all colours look great against it which helps when taking photos of our finished furniture and when working with colours in our workshops.

How We Painted The Walls:

After moving everything out of the room we prepped the walls by filling in all holes with Two Fussy Blokes Fussy Filla. Once dry we sanded the patched holes smooth and then cleaned down our walls for a fresh base.

Because we were doing the whole room in the same colour, there was no need to tape which was great!

Using our angled cutting in brush, we cut in around the walls, ceilings and floors, before painting with the large roller. We painted two coats for full coverage.

We used one four litre can of Wild Tusk Matte Estate for this room.

Products Used:

How We Painted The Floors:

This was very similar to the second room as we painted in Wild Tusk with Matte lacquer.

However, these floors had been painted before so we only needed to do two coats of Wild Tusk chalk paint as we already had a pretty good base to work from. We still painted two coats of the Matte lacquer for the durability it provides.

We also didn't need to tape the walls in this room as the floors were the same colour as the walls, making this a very easy room to do!

We cut in with our angled detail brush and the used the 3-inch flat brush to paint. We used the same brushes for the chalk paint and lacquer. 

We used two litre's of Wild Tusk Chalk Paint and one litre of Matte Lacquer for these floors.

Products Used:

Painting room three

Painting the walls and floors in our third room.

Further Information:

If you're interested in painting your floors or walls using The Artisan Company premium products, please get in touch as we would love to help.

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