Metallic Glaze - Luna Lustre

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Luna Lustre is a soft pearlescent finish that looks beautiful over soft premium chalk paint colours (e.g. Potters Clay or Toulouse), or layered with other glazes to create movement and depth.

Colour Inspiration:

  • Luna Lustre Hall Table - This classic, solid wood hall table has been given a subtle metallic makeover using a base of Potters Clay with Luna Lustre.

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Artisan Metallic Glazes offer a completely new realm of exciting possibilities when it comes to decorative painting and metallics on furniture, walls and décor. Uniquely formulated by NZ's boutique paint manufacturer using the highest quality raw materials, ingredients and pigments with each metallic. Blended, crafted and adjusted to perfection.

A metallic that is soft and lustrous, formulated to be semi-translucent and easy to manipulate and work with. Designed to be used over The Artisan Company premium chalk paints and products, it provides the opportunity to create anything from multi-tonal metallics, to metallic washed effects, to creative layered looks to aged metallics.

Our Metallic Glazes will allow for decorative detailing as well as function in creating a strong durable surface for your paint projects at the same time. Every 120ml goes a long way and will generally be enough to cover your average size set of drawers and bedside tables and may even leave you with a little extra for your décor. Use the Staalmeester spalter brush or angled detail brush for a flawless finish.

We have organised a PDF with a run down of different application methods and helpful colour guides for you to download and follow. Get creative and create your Artisan Metallic finish on literally anything you want when used together with our Artisan Premium Chalk Paint and Velvet Luxe.

Click below to download our PDF, application, technique and colour guide info.

Colour Inspiration:

  • Luna Lustre Hall Table - This hall table has been painted in a base of Potters Clay and finished one coat of Luna Lustre for a beautiful metallic shine.