Cavalli - Premium Chalk Paint - Limited Edition

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402. Cavalli: Named after the Cavalli Islands, a small group of islands that can be found in the Bay Of Islands. The colour is reminiscent of the green-blue hues that can be found in the waters surrounding these islands on a clear summers day.

This season we are proud to bring to you our Spring / Summer 2022 Limited Edition Colour.

A beautiful, uniquely crafted Artisan 'sea green' with a strong range of mid-blue undertones. 12 carefully selected, high quality pigments have been brought together and beautifully balanced to craft this Artisan colour.

Cavalli is a highly reactive colour with a stunning range of sophisticated hues and underlying tones inspired by New Zealand waters during spring and summer.

Cavalli suits many styles, including: Coastal, Tropical, French Country, Villa, Classic, Modern Contemporary, and pair it with wood tones for a Farmhouse look.

  • New Zealand Made
  • Approximately 20 square metres coverage
  • Little to no prep required
  • Low in VOC

Seal with premium waxes or lacquers.

For further information see the Premium Chalk Paint Information Sheet.