The Block NZ Week 2

With week one's guest rooms done and dusted, it's time to move on to week two - Master Bathroom Week.

This week the teams haven't been given a specific theme but instead have been tasked with choosing their own theme. They've also been asked to add some custom built shelves and have been given a tile to use that was chosen by the judges.

To Theme Or Not To Theme

I love that the teams haven't been given specific (and random) themes to use this week. As we hear constantly - Bathrooms and Kitchens Sell Houses - and no one wants a bathroom that is over-the-top and doesn't fit with the rest of their house.

In saying that, they were instructed to choose their own 'theme' to stick to. I'm going to use theme loosely here as I believe the bathrooms should be a reflection of the rest of the house. If they are going to have a very contemporary house, a super contemporary bathroom would be appropriate; if they're choosing a light and airy house (aka the Blue Team), it would not make sense to have a dark and dramatic bathroom.

The hard part will be proving that they have stuck to a 'theme', but by using complimentary features, tiles, tapware, accessories etc. it shouldn't be too hard.

Custom Built Shelves

The challenge this week is to add shelves to the bathrooms. Each team has to custom make their own with no help from their builders. I feel like this will not only give some teams an unfair advantage (Team Purple have already said they'll learn from youtube...) but do we really want to see energy wasted on something that could potentially be poorly executed?

Dooney & Daughters Pinterest Mood Board - Bathroom Shelves

Different shelving ideas that can be found on our Pinterest board

Some ideas that we've been thinking about:

  • standard built-in open shelves - a great way to add a feature to the bathroom but require more skill and experience
  • an open shelf under the vanity - these can really elevate a simple vanity, however they also require some skill
  • a freestanding shelf - a shelf that could go at the end of the bath could be a great option for those with less experience. Smaller to make, it also wouldn't be fixed to the walls so there would be no problem removing it if the execution wasn't that great.

Judges Tile

So I don't have much to say on this as the teams barely showed the tiles that they chose. From memory there was a penny round, a fish scale, a diagonal stripe and something that was more detailed...

While they haven't shown many decisions around the tile choices yet I think choosing to use the tile that they received would be an obvious decision. The judges like them (a plus when you're wanting to impress them!) and they're all on trend while staying pretty classic.

Dooney & Daughters Pinterest Mood Board - Tiles

Tile ideas that can be found on our Pinterest board

Some other ideas I've had about tiles after scouring the internet:

  • keep floor tiles big, no one wants lots of grout to scrub!
  • don't use too many different tiles - one on the floor, one on the walls and maybe one that's a feature
    • a tip about feature tiles: they don't need to be crazy! Laying the same tile a different way or using the same tile in a different colour can both be considered features
  • vertical subway tiles are on trend - they're also cheap and laying them vertically will make the ceilings seem higher
  • make sure to tile to the ceiling!

Other Ideas On Master Bathrooms

My own personal taste for bathrooms is probably a little bit eclectic, I love vintage handmade tiles in greens and blues; I love rustic/industrial bathrooms that are a bit deconstructed; I love the thought of turning an old sideboard into a unique bathroom vanity.

But this is The Block and I believe that personal preferences don't always come into it. These are brand new, very modern homes and the master bathrooms need to reflect this. Below are some extra thoughts:

  • keep the main features classic - we Kiwi's are pretty conservative
  • black or chrome tapware is a safe bet and keep the hardware consistent, having different colour taps, shower fittings, door handles and even lights can make the room seem unplanned
  • white floors show hair
  • have multiple sources of lighting - good light around the mirror is important for putting on makeup and for shaving, bathrooms need to be brighter in the morning to help you wake up and soft lighting is perfect for a relaxing bath
  • don't forget storage
  • styling will elevate the bathrooms - candles, greenery, good quality (preferably neutral) towels are a good start. Wood and metals should only be used if they enhance the 'theme'

Dooney & Daughters Pinterest - The Block NZ Mood Board

Master bathroom ideas that can be found on our Pinterest board

Follow our Pinterest Board to see all of our ideas for The Block NZ!

I've never renovated a bathroom before and it was fun to think about something a bit different! I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the teams should complete their bathrooms and on how you think they went last week.


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