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I’ve always been interested in interiors and home wares. From when I was a young girl helping my mum choose new furniture and paint colours for my bedroom, to working at my Aunt’s home ware store when I was just out of high-school over the summer, even when travelling I always made my room my own with nice duvets and art on the walls. Having a furniture and home ware store was a dream I’d had for a long time and for it to become a reality is still very exciting for me!

Over the past couple of years I’ve routinely looked at different interior design courses and diplomas and last month I finally bit the bullet and enrolled! While this is something that I’m personally interested in, I think the knowledge I gain will cross-over into the shop, Dooney & Daughters.

This first month was an introduction to design and the elements and principles of design. And I must say that I’m glad it wasn’t too in-depth as this is the first proper study I’ve done in over 12 years and boy did it take me awhile to get back into the groove of taking information in! It wasn’t helped by all the beautiful interior photos peppered throughout the module, interior photos/ blogs/ magazines/ tv shows are my thing and I get easily distracted.

While reading about design elements and principles is interesting, the really interesting part was looking for an interior space that conveyed a message or feeling and then explaining how that feeling was achieved using the different principles. It made me realise that although I appreciate a lot of different design aesthetics I’m really drawn to texture, colour, light and proportion.

Remodelista Kitchen

Picture from Remodelista 

I love how the pink plaster and the copper pans bring such a sense of warmth to the above picture. The mix of plaster, slatted wooden backsplash and marble counter add texture and interest. The elegance of marble and gold, with the rustic wooden chopping boards and spoons lends a sense of realness to the kitchen – a kitchen that can actually be used.

Style Files Summer Beach Home

Picture from The Style Files

The above picture brings light and colour in a completely different way. While it is very light and bright, the warmth of the wooden table and bench seat lend a homeliness to the picture. The jute rug, slatted walls and industrial lighting add contrasting textures and patterns. And while this could get a bit cold and hard, the flowers, gingham cushion and sheer curtains, add a touch of femininity to the room.

I’m really enjoying my course so far and hope that I can share some more of my thoughts as I progress.


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